Heidi Anderson-Swan is the co-author of A Night In Jail. Adapted as a novella, film and  play, this gritty Young Adult fictional story is the first to illustrates Cannabis – Induced  Psychosis (a diagnosis in the DSM-5). A Night In Jail is inspired by her brother’s true  life as a homeless drug addict with schizophrenia who went to jail eighteen times.  

With advocates from MomsStrong.org, and led by long-time Schizophrenia Researcher,  Dr. Christine Miller, Heidi met with the Drug Advisors for then-Senator Kamala Harris  and Senator Dianne Feinstein.  

As a consultant, she has worked with Los Angeles Defense Attorney, Bob Schwartz.  

In partnership with Behavioral Health Services (a contractor with Los Angeles County  Substance Abuse Prevention and Control), she has co – sponsored in-person and virtual  events utilizing the film and play, A Night In Jail. 

As a speaker, Heidi has presented for the 2nd Annual Teaching Cannabis Awareness and  Prevention Virtual Conference (co – chaired by Stanford’s Bonnie Halpern), Alcoholics  and Substance Providers of New York State, NAMI in Long Beach and Solano County,  and many other organizations.  

Heidi is on the Advisory Board for Johnny’s Ambassadors; and a Board Member of  Every Brain Matters and Parents Opposed to Pot. 

 (213) 595-6581 • HeidiASwan@ANightInJail.com