John Scalia Biography

Multi-talented American lawyer with long years of practice in trial law and an emphasis on Employment rights.

Keen understanding of relevant case law

Good knowledge of other areas of law  —EEOC 

Basic understanding of medical evidence

Research and Interpretation of precedential cases

Valid license in California


Many years experience in Cross-Examination

Preparation of Plaintiffs, Defendants, and Witnesses before, during and after the case

Written Appellate Briefs in both California Court of Appeals and California Supreme Court

Outstanding ability in negotiating settlements for all parties

Confident and professional appearance in Court

Accomplished practitioner of the Socratic Method

Team Leader

Supervised teams of up to ten members

Mentored younger attorneys

In charge of hiring


Berufspraxis.  Professional Practice

2013-Today.    Pensioner, Learned German in Language School

2008-2013.  Attorney, Self-Employed ,  LA, CA. Employment law, Insurance, Accident cases

Hauptauftraggeber——Main Contract Employers

2011-2013.  Underneath firm name:  Represented Police and Firefighters in workers’ comp trials in injuries and diseases


Prevailed in cases as a result of effective cross-examinations


Under Mathis—Represented Clinics and Medical Groups against Insurance companies

2007-2008. Under Bradford, et al:  Insurance lawyer in workers’ comp cases. A firm of 250 lawyers with 13 offices in California


Most cases successfully resolved

2006-2008.  Malmquist.   Insurance lawyers.  20 lawyer firm

.  Represented City and County of Los Angeles in workers’ comp cases

2004-2006.  Goodchild & Duffy.   Represented injured workers

1972-2003.  Clients included:  Boeing, Lockheed, McDonnell Douglas, Allianz, Zurich Insurance, Universal Studios, Disney Studios

Schulen/ Ausbildung.       Schools/ Resume

Abschluss—final degree.  

  1.   BA History Santa Clara

66-67. University of Vienna, Vienna , Austria

60-64.  Gymnasium (the German word for high school—but more equivalent to college prep.  It states that my high school diploma is the equivalent of „Abitur“ in Germany. That is because it was not like most american high schools—we read Homer in the original greek and Cicero in the orginal Latin.  Chemistry, Physics, Math, English—you get the idea.  

Personal Data

July 27, 1946.  Born in San Francisco

                         Languages:  English mother tongue, German , and fundamentals of French