Nance is an attorney, mediator and conflict resolution coach who has been creating solutions to a variety of challenges since her early working years. After an eight-year career in business management (employee relations, operations, sport/sport facilities), she entered the University of Pittsburgh School of Law intending to add deeper legal insight to her management decisions and return to Corporate America or Sport. Instead, she found herself learning civil procedure in and out of the classroom, working three jobs and still barely making ends meet.

Not one to be stopped when pursuing her goals, Nance transferred to the less-expensive and higher-ranked law school at the State University of New York. She graduated in 2001 with a growing sports agency, a tax certificate and experience as a clerk in Mental Hygiene and Workers Compensation Law. She was also the only student in her Trial Techniques Mock Trial Competition to gain conviction of a hypothetical hockey player who caused permanent injury to another player when he committed a high-sticking violation. Yet she was most interested in mediating disputes and negotiating agreements. She also knew she eventually wanted to have her own practice and believed experience in a major metropolitan area would prepare her for that future.

Nance interviewed for her first New York City job on 9/11, and her connection to the city was never the same. Less than two years later, she launched what is now The Law Studio, where she creates resolution using her proprietary Third Ear Conflict Resolution program. Whether she is litigating, mediating or coaching, she seeks innovative solutions to leave each party a bit more empowered to move on with their lives quickly and to resolve future conflicts more effectively. Ideally, this saves them valuable resources of time, energy and money.