Arizona 15 Credit Miscellaneous Bundle with Ethics (6 Months of Access)


Arizona Bundle 15 Credits including 3 Ethics and Professional Credits 

Bundle Courses:

Criminal Mitigation: Pre-Pleas & Pre-Sentencing Strategies (1 General Credit)

Borderline Personality Disorder: Pre-Plea & Pre-Sentencing Mitigation Strategies (1.25 General Credits)

Is That a Worker or an Employee? Questions & Answers on Worker Classification (1.25 General Credits)

No One Makes It Out Unscathed: The Effects of Personal Trauma and Stress On Our Lives (1 Ethics Credit)

Intermediate Topics: Title IX (1.5 General Credits)

Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI) Critique: Mitigation as Counter Strategy in Child-Pornography Cases (1.25 Credits)

Cyber Security for Lawyers  (1.25 General Credits)

Covid 19: Business and Asset Protection (1.25 General Credits)

The Art and Science of Hourly Billing (1 Ethics Credit)

A Lawyer’s Guide to Raising Capital (1.25 General Credits)

Philosophy of a Business Legal Counselor (1 Credit)

Ethics Compliance for Solo Practitioners (1.25 Ethics Credits)

Introduction to Non-Profit Law (1.25 General Credits)




The State Bar of Arizona does not approve or accredit CLE activities for the Mandatory Continuing Legal Education requirement.  This activity may qualify for up to 15  hours toward your annual CLE requirement for the State Bar of Arizona, including 3 hour(s) of professional responsibility.


Arizona Bundle 15 Credits including 3 Ethics and Professional Credits 

All Esquire CLE Arizona Bundle courses confirm with the State Bar of Arizona CLE requirements:


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