Colorado 45 Credit Bundle with 5 Ethics and 2 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Credits (3 Years of Access)


Colorado 45 Credit Bundle with 7 Ethics Credits – All Courses Approved in Colorado!

Bundle Courses Include:

Psychosocial Evaluations and Consultation in Civil Litigation: Strategies to Understand and Humanize the Client (1 Credit)

The Federal False Claims Act: Enforcement and Recent Updates (1 Credit)

Talc Litigation: Cross-examination of a Lung Cancer Plaintiff (1 Credit)

Benefiting from New Markets Tax Credits (1 Credit)

Complex Trauma in Criminal Mitigation Cases: How Abuse and Neglect Cause Abnormal Development (1 Credit)

Attorney’s Guide to Online Defamation & Website Removal (1 Credit)

Domestic violence as intimate terrorism: mitigation for criminal defense lawyers (1 Credit)

NFL Contract Advisors – “So You Want To Be An Agent” (2 Credits)

Managed Services: The Basics (1 Credits)

Intermediate Topics: Title IX (2 Credits)

Covid-19: Business and Asset Protection (2 Credits)

Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI) Critique: Mitigation as Counter Strategy in Child-Pornography Cases (2 Credits)

Is That a Worker or an Employee? Questions & Answers on Worker Classification (1 Credits)

Cyber Security for Lawyers and Law Firms (2 Credits)

Borderline Personality Disorder: Pre-Plea & Pre-Sentencing Mitigation Strategies (1 Credits)

Criminal Mitigation: Pre-Pleas & Pre-Sentencing Strategies (1 General Credit)

Information Technology for Lawyers (1 Credits)

Philosophy of a Business Legal Counselor (1 Credits)

Introduction to Non-Profit Law (1 Credits)

A Lawyer’s Guide to Raising Capital (1 Credits)

Anti Money Laundering for Business Lawyers (1 Credits)

Entity Formation 101 (1 Credits)

How to Cross Examine a Medical Witness (1 Credits)

Athlete Agency Law (2 Credits)

Banking for the Non-Banking Attorney (2 Credits)

Copyright for Artists (2 Credits)

The Ethics of Hourly Billing (1 Ethics Credit)

Leveling the Playing Field: The Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession (1 EDI Credit)

Cultural Competence: Recognizing Implicit Bias (1 EDI Credit)

Civility and Professionalism: The Art of Graceful Disagreement (1 Ethics Credit)

Off the Clock: Professional Ethics On Personal Time (1 Ethics Credit)

A Lawyer’s Guide to Ethics and Ethical Networking in a Virtual World (2 Ethics Credits)

The Ethics of Hourly Billing (1 Ethics Credit)

Maintaining a Work/Life Balance in Uncertain Times for Lawyers (1 Credit)

Gambling Addiction for Lawyers (1 Credit)

Coronavirus and Your Mental Health (1 Credit)

No One Makes It Out Unscathed: The Effects of Personal Trauma and Stress On Our Lives (1 Credit)



Colorado 45 Credit Bundle with 7 Ethics Credits – All Courses Approved in Colorado! Esquire CLE is a Certified Provider, as recognized by the Colorado Supreme Court Continuing Legal and Judicial Education Committee.


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