Copyright for Artists


Copyright for Artists

In this timely and compelling CLE program, Attorney, Gale Elston presents Copyright for Artists. During this thorough and engaging program Attorney Eltson begins with an overview of intellectual property with regards to artists and the history of copyright. The program continues with a detailed discussion of relevant case law and statutes. Attorney Elston also covers fair use and it’s limitations. The program concludes with an explanation of the Visual Rights Act. This program is a must for any attorney. 


  • Overview areas of Intellectual Property law
  • History of Copyright 
  • Difference between published and unpublished work
  • Case Law and Statutes 
  • Ideas vs. Expression
  • Elements of Copyright Ability 
  • Concept of publication
  • Exclusive Rights
  • Fair Use
  • Transfers, Procedure, Damages
  • Visual Artist Rights Act



Copyright for Artists



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