Human Aspects of Estate Planning


Human Aspects of Estate Planning

In this compelling program, Attorney and CPA, Martin Shenkman covers the Human Aspects of Estate Planning. The majority of Americans will not have a federal tax burden when they pass. Therefore, what most clients will need to focus on are religious Issues, lifestyle choices, religious Issues and health Issues. Mr. Shenkman covers the majority of issues clients will face when they pass and how to deal with them. Many of these issues will not be thought of by the client – therefore it is imperative, as attorneys, we raise theses issues. This program is a must listen for any attorney.


Introduction – Why Issue is Significant and who is impacted

Capacity and Competency/Aging 

Prevent Elder Financial Abuse

Personal Goals and Decisions Clients Need to Address

Multicultural Families 

Religious Issues in Planning

Planning for Health Issues

Overview and wrap of material 



Human Aspects of Estate Planning 


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