Introduction to Non-Profit Law


Introduction to Non-Profit Law

In this timely, and compelling CLE program attorney, Todd Kulkin, presents “Introduction to Non-Profit”. The program begins with an overview of non-profit basics and the philosophy of non-profit practice. The program continues with an introduction to the tools of the trade and how to mitigate risks. Mr. Kulkin then provides a discussion on private inurement. The program concludes with an explanation of non-profits for business, religion, and politics.This program is for any attorney involved in non-profit law or has clients who are involved in a non-profit business.


  • Non-Profit Basics 
  • Philosophy of Non-Profit Practice 
  • Tools of the Trade 
  • Non-Profits: Mitigating Risk 
  • Private Inurement 
  • Non-Profits and Business 
  • Non-Profits and Religion 
  • Non-Profits and Politics



Introduction to Non-Profit Law


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