Issues In Legal Ethics


In this timely, and riveting CLE program, Attorney, Kyle Robinson, Esq. presents “Issues in Legal Ethics. During this compelling program, Mr. Robinson explains the Rules of Professional Responsibility and Ethical rules attorneys must know. This CLE program is a broad overview of the rules and explains ethical nuances. Mr. Robinson starts the discussion with the Lawyer/Client relationship. He then systematically goes through important ethical rules and dissects the meaning of each rule. Timely subjects such as advertising and attorney fees are covered. The program concludes with a discussion of bias. This  program is a must listen for any attorney who wants to expand their knowledge of ethics and professionalism earn CLE credits along the way!


Beginning the Lawyer-Client Relationship

Ending the Lawyer- Client Relationship 

Frivolous Claims 


Case Law 

Attorney Fees 

Fiduciary Duties 




Issues In Legal Ethics


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