New Jersey 24 Credit Bundle with Ethics and Elimination of Bias/Diversity (2 Years of Access)


New Jersey 24 Credit Bundle with Ethics

Bundle Courses:

Criminal Mitigation: Pre-Plea and Pre-Sentencing Strategies (1.25 Credits)

Entity Formation 101 (1.25 Credits)

Intermediate Topics: Title IX (1.75 Credits)

Introduction to Non-Profit Law (1.25 Credits)

Is that Worker an Employee? Questions and Answers on Worker Classification(1.25 Credits)

Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI) Critique: Mitigation as Counter Strategy in Child-Pornography Cases (1.5 Credits)

A Lawyer’s Guide to Raising Capital (1.25 Credits)

Philosophy of a Business Legal Counselor (1.25 Credits)

Covid-19: Business and Asset Protection (1.25 Credits)

Anti Money Laundering for Business Lawyers (1.25 Credits)

The Art and Science of Hourly BillingĀ  (1.25 Credits)

Athlete Agency Law (1.5 Credits)

Banking for the Non-Banking Attorney (1.5 Credits)

Copyright for Artists (1.75 Credits)

Ethics in Business Law (1.25 Ethics/Professionalism Credit)

Ethics Compliance for the Solo Practitioner (1.25 Ethics/Professionalism Credit)

Leveling the Playing Field: The Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession (1 Elimination of Bias Credit)

Coronavirus and Your Mental Health (1.25 Ethics/Professionalism Credit)

Avoiding MeToo, Bias, and Sexual Harassment in the Workplace (1.25 Elimination of Bias Credit)


New Jersey 24 Credit Bundle with Ethics



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