Shots Fired: 2nd Amendment, Restoration Rights & Gun Trusts


Attorney and 2nd Amendment specialist, Derek DeBrosse, presents “Shots Fired: 2nd Amendment, Restoration Rights & Gun Trusts”. Attorney DeBrosse presents a detailed history of the 2nd Amendment and discusses the process our Founder Fathers went through to draft and ratify the 2nd amendment.  Mr. DeBrosse covers modern gun law cases and the Gun Control Act.  He then turns the discussion to restoring gun rights. The program ends with a brief coverage of Gun Trusts. This program is a must watch for anyone who wants to further their knowledge of current gun laws.


  • II Amendment, US Constitution 
  • Constitution 
  • History of II Amendment
  • Individual Rights Incorporation
  • II Amendment is an Individual Right 


  • Legal Disability – Cannot have a firearm because of some triggering event
  • Restoration under 18 USC 922(g) 
  • Rights Restoration-
  • Sealment s
  • Most typically used way to restore rights 
  • Cassidy – Look at three rights to restore gun rights 
  • Restoration R.C. 2923 
  • Case law development 


  • Estate Planning for Firearms 
  • History
  • Gun Trust v. NFA Trust
  • Uniform Trust Code 
  • Normal types of “Gun Trusts”
  • National Firearms Act issues 


Shots Fired: 2nd Amendment, Restoration Rights & Gun Trusts 

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