Anti Money Laundering for Business Lawyers


In this timely, and compelling, CLE program attorney, Todd Kulkin, presents “Anti Money Laundering for Business Lawyers”. The program begins with an overview of money laundering basics and why attorneys should care about money laundering. The program continues with an in-depth look at statues and regulations. Mr. Kulkin then provides an explanation of shell corporations, special purpose entities, and how to mitigate your risk. The program concludes with an AML transaction checklist discussion. This program is for any attorney who’s in business or has clients in business.


  • Money Laundering Basics 
  • Why Care about AML?
  • Statutes & Regulations
  • Shell Corporations vs Special Purpose Entities
  • Know Your Customer (“KYC”) considerations
  • Mitigating Your Risk
  • AML Transactional Checklist



Anti Money Laundering for Business Lawyers


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