The Fundamentals and Ethics of Legal Networking


As an attorney, you are in the business of relationships. Whether you are in a big law firm that has to participate in “Beauty Contests” (RFPs) or a solo practitioner, whether you are a new attorney, a mid-level associate or managing partner, people do business with People “they know, like and trust.”

The relationships you create will allow you to build the practice you want and networking is still the best way to create those relationships.

You will specifically learn:

 How to define networking in new way

 Why networking is the best way to become a Rainmaker

 What skills you can learn networking that will benefit every area of your practice

 Where to network for the best results

 How to work a room

 Fun tips and tricks to use to break the ice

 How to network if you are an introvert

 An overview of how use social media for networking purposes

 The Rules of Professional Conduct you need to know to keep your networking ethical as well as interesting



The Fundamentals and Ethics of Networking


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