Criminal Procedure in a Felony Case


Criminal Procedure in a Felony Case



Criminal Procedure in a Felony Case

In this timely and compelling CLE program, attorney, Craig Rose, presents “Criminal Procedure in a Felony Case.” The program begins with the initial call from the client and what steps to take. The course continues with an overview of jail visits for the attorney,  jail stays without indictment for the client, and bond hearings. Mr. Rose also explains grand jury presentment, probable cause, and indictment. The program concludes with a discussion of the constitutional rights of the defendant. This program is a must listen for any attorney who wishes to know more about criminal procedure.


  • Get a call to represent a felony criminal defendant
  • Jail visitation
  • Extended Jail stay with no indictment
  • Out on Bond Defendant-Now what?
  • Grand Jury Presentment and probable cause
  • No bill?
  • Indictment
  • Constitutional rights of defendant


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