How to Cross Examine a Medical Witness


How to Cross Examine a Medical Witness

In this timely, and compelling, program attorney, John Scalia, presents, “How to Cross Examine a Medical Witness”. Mr. Scalia will introduce the program with the cardinal rules a lawyer must follow on cross examination. The program will continue with a discussion of personal considerations. Mr. Scalia, then, masterfully provides real life examples and gives an overview of dealing with reports. The program concludes with an explanation of surveillance. This program is a must for any attorney.


The Three Cardinal Rules 

  • Know the medicine
  • Know the facts
  • Know how the law affects the medicine and the facts

Personal considerations 

  • witness hostile
  • judge or jury hostile
  • interfering with objectivity.  (Ours)


Dealing with Reports 

How to cast question on the conclusions 




How to Cross Examine a Medical Witness


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