Microsoft Office 365 For Attorneys


Microsoft Office 365 For Attorneys

The Office 365 Groups feature can be beneficial to lawyers as it provides a centralized location for collaboration and communication among team members working on a matter. By creating a Group, attorneys, paralegals, assistants, and support staff can use a shared inbox to discuss the matter, add events and deadlines to a shared calendar, collect resources and research in OneNote, and upload documents to a shared document library for collaboration. This can improve efficiency and productivity by allowing team members to access all necessary information from wherever they are, on any device with internet access. Additionally, outside co-counsel or experts can be added to the Group as well, making it easier to collaborate with external parties. Finally, the Office 365 Forms feature can be used to create forms and quizzes for client input, which can help attorneys better understand and meet their clients’ needs.


  1. Introduction to Office 365 Groups and its benefits for lawyers
  2. Creating an Office 365 Group for a matter
  3. Using the shared inbox for communication 
  4. Adding events and deadlines to the shared calendar 
  5. Collecting resources and research in OneNote 
  6. Uploading documents to the shared document library
  7. Collaborating with outside co-counsel or experts
  8. Using Office 365 Forms for client input 
  9. Conclusion and summary of the benefits of Office 365 Groups for lawyers



Microsoft Office 365 For Attorneys


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