Online Civility and Professionalism for Attorneys


Online Civility and Professionalism for Attorneys

Online Civility and Professionalism for Attorneys

In the realm of legal practice, the issue of incivility among lawyers is a multifaceted concern, with varying beliefs about its prevalence and causes. Some point to the portrayal of lawyers in media and a blurred line between assertiveness and rudeness, while others blame technology and the divisive state of public discourse. Several states, like New York, Utah, and Illinois, have established programs and hotlines to address ethics and professionalism. Surveys suggest that a majority of lawyers perceive their colleagues as civil, yet many still report experiencing uncivil behavior. In California, attorney guidelines emphasize civility and respect in communications and interactions within the legal system. To counter incivility, legal professionals are advised to maintain written records of inappropriate conduct, engage in open discussions with opposing counsel, and seek guidance from mentors or senior attorneys. Additionally, online civility presents distinct challenges due to anonymity, potential miscommunication, and the risk of harassment. Lawyers are encouraged to be cautious about sensitive topics and consider legal actions if harassment occurs.


Agenda/ Obejectives

– Understanding the Roots of Incivility and Professionalism – 6 Minutes

– State Initiatives and Ethics Programs – 8 Minutes

– Survey Insights and Lawyer Perceptions – 7 Minutes

– Attorney Guidelines of Civility and Professionalism – 11 Minutes

– Challenges in Online Civility and Professionalism – 8 Minutes

– Strategies for Promoting Civility and Professionalism – 10 Minutes

– Privacy and Sensitivity in Legal Practice – 8 Minutes

– Taking Action Against Online Incivility and Professionalism – 7 Minutes




Online Civility and Professionalism for Attorneys


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