Oregon 45 Credit Bundle – Online


Oregon 45 Credit Bundle with Ethics, A/J, Child/Elder Abuse, & Mental Health – All Courses Approved in Oregon

Bundle Courses Include:

Unfair, Deceptive, or Abusive Acts or Practices (UDAAP) – (1.25 Credits)

Taking Off the Gloves: What to Expect in U.S. Tax Court (1.5 Credit)

How the IRS Reconstructs Income in Tax Fraud Cases (1.5 Credit)

Cross Examination Made Simple (1.5 Credit)

Direct Examination: Making the Witness Look Good (1.25 Credits)

Anatomy of a Civil Tax Controversy (1.5 Credits)

Opening Statement As a Story 101 – (1 Credit)

Opening Statements As a Story – 102 (1.5 Credits)

Closing Arguments (1.75 Credits)

Fair Debt Collection Practices Act – (1 Access to Justice Credit)

Information Law Firms Collect and Store – What to do in the Event of a Cyber Breach? – (1.25 Credits)

Story Telling in the Courtroom Part 1 – (1.5 Credits)

Story Telling in the Courtroom Part 2 – (1.25 Credits)

Story Telling in the Courtroom Part 3 – (1 Credit)

Basics of How to Obtain a Patent (2 Credits)

The Fifth Amendment’s Essential Role in Offshore Audits (1.5 Credits)

Digital Millennium Copyright Act (1 Credit)

NCAA & Name, Image, Likeness – Updates & Anarchy in America! (1.25 Credits)

Paying for Referrals: A Danger to the Payor and Recipient’s Freedom (1.25 Credits)

Dealing with the Disruptive Practitioner in a Legally Compliant Manner (1 Credit)

Psychosocial Evaluations and Consultation in Civil Litigation: Strategies to Understand and Humanize the Client – (1.25 Credits)

The Anti-Kickback Statute (1 Credit)

The Healthcare Quality Improvement Act: How to Achieve Immunity in Your Peer Review Process (1 Credit)

Physician Employment Agreements: Problem Areas that can be Landmines (1 Credit)

NFL Contract Advisors – “So You Want To Be An Agent” (1.75 Credits)

Order in the Court: Ethical Interaction With Judges (1 Ethics Credit)

Effective and Ethical Use of Experts (1 Ethics Credit)

Ethical Issues – Pro Bono Representation: Help the Profession Help Others (1 Ethics Credit)

Online Civility and Professionalism for Attorneys (1 Ethics Credit)

Unauthorized Practice of Law: Ethical Dilemmas and the Rule of Law (1 Ethics Credit)

The Impact Of Internet and Sports Betting for Lawyers (1 Mental Health/Substance Abuse Credit)

Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession: Both Personally and Professionally (1 Access to Justice Credit)

Technology & Bias Spreading It And Stopping It (1 Access to Justice Credit)

Immigration Basics: Coming to America and Staying (1 Access to Justice Credit)

Understanding Oregon’s Legal Landscape for Child and Elder Abuse (1 Abuse Reporting Credit)

Evidence 101 (1.5 Credits)

Evidence 102 – (1.25 Credits)

Microsoft Office 365 For Attorneys (1 Credit)



Oregon 45 Credit Bundle with Ethics, A/J, Child/Elder Abuse, & Mental Health – All Courses Approved in Oregon



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