Trust Owned Life Insurance: The Audit Process


Trust Owned Life Insurance: The Audit Process 

In this timely and compelling CLE program, Attorney Kyle Robinson interviews Tom Henske on the Audit Process for a Trust Owned Life Insurance. They discuss who may be a trustee and the responsibilities of trustees and the risks they may face in managing accounts for clients. They continue the program covering the Prudent Investor Act and how it is applies. Next, Mr. Robinson and Mr. Henske review red flags that must be identified in existing policies, and how to deal with them in a legal way. Their final topic discusses the evaluation process and how the audit takes place and the importance of the audit evaluation. This program is must for any attorney who wishes to learn more about life insurance, trust, and the audit process.


  • Trust Owned Life Insurance Overview why important to attorneys 
  • Trustees Duties
  • Uniform Prudent Investor Act
  • Common Problems
  • Policy Management
  • The Audit Process
  • Solutions 



Trust Owned Life Insurance: The Audit Process 


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