Philosophy of a Business Legal Counselor


Philosophy of a Business Legal Counselor

In this timely, and compelling CLE program attorney, Todd Kulkin, presents “Philosophy of a Business Legal Counselor”. The program begins with an overview of business law philosophy and an explanation of various business models. The program continues with an introduction to the popular and effective business models. Mr. Kulkin then provides a discussion of how to determine liability and business intake. The program concludes with the importance of scalability and presenting risk. This program is for any attorney involved in business or has clients who are involved in business.


  • Philosophy of Business Law Corollaries 
  • Business Models 101 
  • Introduction to popular business models 
  • Determining liability from a business model 
  • Business intake 
  • The importance of scalability 
  • Presenting risk



Philosophy of a Business Legal Counselor


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