The Art and Science of Hourly Billing


The Art and Science of Hourly Billing

In this compelling and timely program, attorney, Colt Dodrill presents “The Art and Science of Attorney Billing.” The program begins with an explanation of why billing is important, the relevant ABA model rules, and fee agreements. Mr. Dodroll continues the program with a narrative explanation and adding value .The program also covers efficiencies and time management principles. The program concludes with client billing guidelines and tips. This program is for any attorney.



  • Why billing is Important
  • ABA Model Rules
  • Fee agreements
  • Rejected time entries
  • Elements of Time Entry


  • Syntax
  • Verbs
  • Nouns
  • Basis
  • Kickers
  • Block Billing

Adding Value

  • Value Triangle
  • When to be ambiguous
  • When to be specific
  • Brevity is the soul of wit


  • Pareto Principle (80/20 Rule)
  • Rules of Thumb
  • Time Management
  • Client Billing Guidelines
  • Tips



The Art and Science of Hourly Billing



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