Attorney’s Guide to Online Defamation & Website Removal


Attorney’s Guide to Online Defamation & Website Removal

This program, presented by internet defamation attorney and published author Paul Sternberg, will provide an overview of what constitutes online defamation. Mr. Sternberg will discuss in detail the complex web of laws governing defamatory statements including the First Amendment, the Communications Decency Act, the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, recent case law, and more. Other topics to be discussed include the difference between libel and slander and considerations for determining if and when to file suit for defamatory conduct. The mechanics of a defamation suit will then be explored in great detail, including a review of cease and desist letters, anti-SLAPP laws, discovery exceptions, and much more.

  • The First Amendment and Protected Speech   
  • Determining the Defaming Party
  • Understanding Liability Under the CDA and the DMCA 
  • Legal Strategies to Consider in Defamation Cases  
  • Building a Defamation Case or Defense and Removing a Website
  • Libel vs. Slander 
  • Weighing the Decision to Sue 
  • Deploying a Cease and Desist Letter 
  • SLAPP and ANTI-SLAPP Laws 
  • The Streisand Effect 
  • Elements to Prove  
  • Statutes of Limitation  



Attorney’s Guide to Online Defamation & Website Removal


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