Pre-judgment Writs of Attachment / Possession


Pre-judgment Writs of Attachment / Possession 

In this timely, and compelling, program, attorney, Craig Stein presents “Pre- judgement Writs of Attachment and Possession”. The program begins with and explanation of attachment and an overview of the statutory framework. The program continues with a discussion on attachment against an individual, recoverable costs, and supporting the application. Mr. Stein then explains the tangible and intangible benefits. The program concludes covering defending attachment applications. This program is a must for any attorney. 


  • What is attachment
  • Statutory framework
  • Attachment against an individual 
  • Recoverable Costs in the Writ Application
  • Ex-Parte Writ 
  • Supporting the application
  • Intangible Benefits
  • Tangible Benefits
  • Writs of Possession
  • Defending Attachment applications




Pre-judgment Writs of Attachment / Possession 


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