Colorado 45 Credit Bundle with 5 Ethics and 2 Equity, Diversity, and Inclusivity Credits


Colorado 45 Credit Bundle with 7 Ethics Credits – All Courses Approved in Colorado!

Bundle Courses Include:

Preparing Clients for Deposition: An Investment in Performance (1 Credit)

Talc Litigation: A Primer (1 Credit)

Principles for a Successful Jury Trial (1 Credit)

Macro Cross Border Planning Challenges Related To The LGBT Community (1 EDI Credit)

Marriage Equality in the Crosshairs: Estate Planning Protections amidst Targeted Discrimination (1 EDI Credit)

Criminal Procedure in a Felony Case (2 Credits)

Introduction to Cryptocurrency for Lawyers (1 Credits)

Legal Malpractice Actions (2 Credits)

Second Circuit Court of Appeals: Practice and Procedure (1 Credits)

Managed Services: The Basics (1 Credits)

Intermediate Topics: Title IX (2 Credits)

Covid-19: Business and Asset Protection (2 Credits)

Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI) Critique: Mitigation as Counter Strategy in Child-Pornography Cases (2 Credits)

Is That a Worker or an Employee? Questions & Answers on Worker Classification (1 Credits)

Cyber Security for Lawyers and Law Firms (2 Credits)

Borderline Personality Disorder: Pre-Plea & Pre-Sentencing Mitigation Strategies (1 Credits)

Criminal Mitigation: Pre-Pleas & Pre-Sentencing Strategies (1 General Credit)

Information Technology for Lawyers (1 Credits)

Philosophy of a Business Legal Counselor (1 Credits)

Introduction to Non-Profit Law (1 Credits)

A Lawyer’s Guide to Raising Capital (1 Credits)

Anti Money Laundering for Business Lawyers (1 Credits)

Entity Formation 101 (1 Credits)

How to Cross Examine a Medical Witness (1 Credits)

Athlete Agency Law (2 Credits)

Banking for the Non-Banking Attorney (2 Credits)

Copyright for Artists (2 Credits)

The Ins and Outs of Publishing (1 Credit)

The Ethics of Hourly Billing (1 Ethics Credit)

Ethics Compliance for Solo Practitioners (1.6 Ethics Credits – 2 General Credits)

Ethics in Business Law (1.6 Ethics Credits – 2 General Credits)

Cannabis Law Ethics (1 Ethics Credit)

Ethically Keeping Your Client’s Trust Even When Things Go Wrong (1 Ethics Credit)

Ethical and Practical Considerations of Engaging Local Co-Counsel (1 Ethics Credit)


Colorado 45 Credit Bundle with 7 Ethics Credits – All Courses Approved in Colorado! Esquire CLE is a Certified Provider, as recognized by the Colorado Supreme Court Continuing Legal and Judicial Education Committee.

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