Washington State 45 Credit Bundle with Ethics and Equity and Inclusion (1 Year of Access)

$125.00 or $112.50 / year

Washington State 45 Credit Bundle with Ethics and Equity/Inclusion – All Courses Approved in Washington

Bundle Courses Include:

Psychosocial Evaluations and Consultation in Civil Litigation: Strategies to Understand and Humanize the Client (1 Credit)

Off the Clock: Professional Ethics On Personal Time (1 Ethics Credit)

Benefiting from New Markets Tax Credits (1 Credit)

The Federal False Claims Act: Enforcement and Recent Updates (1.25 Credit)

Attorney’s Guide to Online Defamation & Website Removal (1 Credit)

Complex Trauma in Criminal Mitigation Cases: How Abuse and Neglect Cause Abnormal Development (1.25 Credits)

A Lawyer’s Guide to Ethics and Ethical Networking in a Virtual World (2 Ethics Credits)

Talc Litigation: Cross-examination of a Lung Cancer Plaintiff (1.25 Credits)

Gambling Addiction for Lawyers (1 Credit)

The Art and Science of Hourly Billing (1 Credit)

Intermediate Topics: Title IX (1.5 Credits)

Business and Asset Protection (1.25 Credits)

Pre-sentence Investigation (PSI) Critique: Mitigation as Counter Strategy in Child-Pornography Cases (1.25 Credits)

Is That a Worker or an Employee? Questions & Answers on Worker Classification (1.25 Credits)

Cyber Security for Lawyers and Law Firms (1.25 Credits)

Borderline Personality Disorder: Pre-Plea & Pre-Sentencing Mitigation Strategies (1.25 Credits)

Criminal Mitigation: Pre-Pleas & Pre-Sentencing Strategies (1 Credit)

Information Technology for Lawyers (1.25 Credits)

Philosophy of a Business Legal Counselor (1.25 Credits)

Introduction to Non-Profit Law (1.25 Credits)

Ethics Compliance for Solo Practitioners (1.25 Ethics Credits)

A Lawyer’s Guide to Raising Capital (1.25 Credits)

Anti Money Laundering for Business Lawyers (1.25 Credits)

Entity Formation 101 (1.25  Credits)

Athlete Agency Law (1.25 Credits)

Ethics in Business Law (1.25 Ethics Credits)

Banking for the Non-Banking Attorney (1.5  Credits)

Copyright for Artists (1.5 Credits)

NFL Contract Advisors – “So You Want To Be An Agent” (1.75 Credits)

Cultural Competence: Recognizing Implicit Bias (1 Ethics Credit)

Leveling the Playing Field: The Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession (1 Ethics Credit)

Principles for a Successful Jury Trial (1 Credit)

No One Makes It Out Unscathed: The Effects of Personal Trauma and Stress On Our Lives (1 Credit)

Talc Litigation: A Primer (1.25 Credits)

Overview of the Freedom of Information Act (2 Credits)

Evidence 101 (1.5 Credits)

Elimination of Bias in the Legal Profession: Both Personally and Professionally (1 Equity/Inclusion Credit)



Washington State 45 Credit Bundle with Ethics and Equity/Inclusion- All Courses Approved in Washington



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